It has been yet another challenging year for civil liberties. As we approach our 60th Anniversary at the ACLU of RI in 2019, we've been reflecting on how we got to this strange place in history. Fortunately, steadfast enforcement of the Bill of Rights is one of the most effective antidotes we have against the country's current, hostile political climate.

As you will see, our work in Rhode Island mirrors some of the struggles taking place at the federal level -- for example, we have been fighting for immigrants' rights in various contexts and locally addressing some of the Trump Administration's damaging work against transgender rights, among other things. But much of our activity is "only in Rhode Island" material: fighting for the due process rights of our poorest residents as the result of the UHIP debacle, ensuring that students with disabilities received the compensatory education they were entitled to as a result of a city-wide bus strike in Providence, and fighting recalcitrant agencies for access to public records.

Our work here remains firmly rooted in defending and upholding founding civil liberties principles, and as a result -- thanks to our volunteers and supporters -- we have made a real difference in the everyday lives of Rhode Islanders.  Here are just a few examples from our work this year:

In defense of the First Amendment:

In support of equal protection for all:

In defense of voting rights, gender equality and immigrants’ rights:

To promote both the right to privacy and the public’s right to know:

This is just a small sample of how we help Rhode Islanders every day. As we approach the end of the year and plan for our organization’s 60th anniversary, please support our work with a year-end gift. Your donation helps us fight for the rights of all Rhode Islanders and for a more just and united future. 

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