The ACLU of RI and Progreso Latino issued the following statements regarding yesterday’s unanimous vote by the Central Falls City Council to repeal the City’s unjust youth curfew ordinance:

“The ACLU of RI applauds the Central Falls City Council for repealing this ineffective and counterproductive ordinance.  The evidence is clear that youth curfews don’t reduce crime, and may actually undermine public safety.  Furthermore, the ordinances make perfectly innocent activity – walking outside at night – illegal, and disproportionately affect youth of color.  We commend the Council for taking the evidence-based, principled approach here and finally repealing this ordinance.”

Progreso Latino:
“Progreso Latino would like to commend the Central Falls City Council for getting rid of the juvenile curfew that criminalized youth for being outside and further exposed them to possible police harassment.”

In December 2018, the groups sent a letter to Central Falls Mayor, James Diossa, urging him to work with the City Council to repeal the City’s youth curfew law.  More information can be found here.