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Legislative Scorecard: 2021

In 2021, the ACLU of RI lobbied on 386 bills and tracked over 1,000 pieces of legislation. To see how your Representatives and Senators voted on a few of those issues, our 2021 Legislative Scorecard is below.

July 15, 2021

Legislative Scorecard: 2019

The 2019 Legislative Session saw hundreds of advocates and community organizations lobby and demonstrate daily at the Statehouse over abortion rights, making the passage of the Reproductive Privacy Act a momentous victory.

November 1, 2019

Legislative Scorecard: 2018

2018 seemed like it should be the year of #MeToo, but the War on Drugs and other long-fought battles instead reared their head.

November 1, 2018

Legislative Scorecard: 2017

The 2017 Legislative Session was an interesting one. Hundreds of bills were introduced and passed - some good, some not.

November 1, 2017