Every year, the ACLU of RI lobbies on hundreds of bills during Rhode Island's annual Legislative Session. Below are some of the bills we have tracked and testified on before the General Assembly. For more info on advocating for the issues you care about, check out our Advocacy 101 Guide. To see how your Reps and Senators voted on various bills over the past few years, visit our Legislative Scorecards page.

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Compassionate Care Act (H 5572, S 775)

Legislation supported by the ACLU would have allowed for certain terminally ill patients to make knowing and competent decisions about death and peacefully determine the end of their lives with dignity, autonomy, and privacy.

May 3, 2021 Privacy

Police Access to Phone Records (H 5869)

We opposed this legislation which would have given any police officer the authority currently given to high-ranking law enforcement personnel to obtain personally identifiable information from telecommunication companies without any judicial intervention.

April 20, 2021 Privacy

Police Certification (H 6104)

While most states employ a statewide certification or decertification system for law enforcement personnel, RI is one of only four states that does not. This legislation would have corrected that by creating strict criteria for the decertification of officers who engage in unacceptable conduct.

April 20, 2021 Criminal Justice Racial Justice