This legislation would make public any records generated or obtained by the Rhode Island state police or Attorney General in their investigation of the 38 Studios scandal. The ACLU assisted sponsor Rep. Charlene Lima in drafting the legislation, and the House approved the measure in March. Citing the strong public interest in their release, the ACLU and other open government groups have been calling for disclosure of the documents since last year. In April, the ACLU filed a friend of the court brief in support of the release of the grand jury records in the investigation. 

This legislation passed the House and the Senate during the month of June. However, before the Governor even had an opportunity to sign the bill, the Attorney General had a Superior Court judge issue a temporary restraining order blocking release of documents from the 38 Studios investigation. The bill has been signed into law, but the lawsuit, in which the ACLU plans to intervene, remains pending.


Representative Charlene Lima and Senator Frank Lombardi





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