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  1. ACLU Applauds Education Ruling Helping To Stem Unnecessary Out-Of-School Suspensions

    August 2, 2019News updateDue Process, Criminal Justice, Students’ Rights
  2. Lawsuit Over Ban on Non-Profit Legal Organizations Assisting Non-Indigent Clients Resolved

    October 22, 2019News updateDue Process, First Amendment , Criminal Justice
  3. ACLU Settles Suit Against N. Smithfield Police for Falsely Labeling Resident “Unstable," "Dangerous"

    November 21, 2019News updateDue Process, Government Transparency, Criminal Justice
  4. ACLU Attorneys Intervene in Contempt Case Against RI Department of Corrections

    November 25, 2019News updateCriminal Justice, Due Process, Racial Justice
  5. ACLU Sues Department of Corrections for Unilaterally Increasing Prison Time for Certain Offenders

    January 21, 2020News updateCriminal Justice, Due Process
  6. Calderon v. Nielsen

    February 6, 2018CaseDue Process, Immigrants’ Rights, Racial Justice, Criminal Justice
  7. Richer v. N. Smithfield Police Department

    October 24, 2018CaseDue Process, Criminal Justice, First Amendment
  8. Breault v. Goucher

    August 16, 2017CaseDue Process, Criminal Justice
  9. Freitas, et. al. v Kilmartin

    October 29, 2015CaseDue Process, Criminal Justice
  10. Drug and Alcohol Treatment Association of RI v. Tavares

    January 2, 2007CaseCriminal Justice, Due Process