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  1. In re: Lucille Riccitelli

    March 28, 1990CaseGender Equality
  2. Virella v. Scott

    March 27, 1989CasePrivacy, Gender Equality
  3. Planned Parenthood v. Board of Medical Review

    March 27, 1984CasePrivacy, Gender Equality
  4. Traugott v. Petit

    March 28, 1979CaseGender Equality
  5. In re: Johnston School Athletic Program

    March 27, 1977CaseStudents’ Rights, Gender Equality
  6. Fortin v. Darlington Little League

    January 17, 1975CaseGender Equality
  7. RI NOW v. Wall

    March 28, 2010CaseCriminal Justice, Government Transparency, Gender Equality
  8. Women's Studies Organization of RIC v. Rhode Island College

    March 27, 2006CaseFirst Amendment , Students’ Rights, Gender Equality
  9. Foxy Lady v. City of Providence

    December 31, 2018CaseFirst Amendment , Gender Equality
  10. Cohen v. Brown University

    June 29, 2020CaseGender Equality, Students’ Rights