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  1. McBurney v. Young

    January 29, 2013CaseGovernment Transparency
  2. Thomas v. Flanders

    March 19, 2012CaseDue Process, Government Transparency, First Amendment
  3. R.I. ACLU v. Department of Public Safety

    March 27, 2011CaseGovernment Transparency, Criminal Justice
  4. Lavik v. DMV

    October 17, 2011CaseDue Process, Government Transparency
  5. Moura v. East Providence School Committee

    March 28, 2010CaseGovernment Transparency
  6. R.I. ACLU v. Gifford

    January 29, 2010CasePrivacy, Government Transparency
  7. Phoenix Times Publishing Company v. Barrington School Committee

    August 14, 2009CaseGovernment Transparency
  8. Fontes V. City of Central Falls

    March 28, 2009CaseGovernment Transparency, Voting Rights
  9. Pehrson v. Reynolds

    March 27, 2008CaseGovernment Transparency, Criminal Justice
  10. R.I. ACLU v. Carcieri

    March 28, 2008CaseGovernment Transparency