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  1. ACLU Files Suit Challenging Ban of Student's High School Yearbook Photo

    December 12, 2006News updateFirst Amendment , Students’ Rights
  2. ACLU Seeks Change in Unconstitutional Coventry School Dress Code Used to Ban a Patriotic Hat

    June 18, 2010News updateFirst Amendment , Students’ Rights
  3. ACLU Issues Statement on Disciplining of Students Based on Their Tweets

    March 18, 2013News updateFirst Amendment , Students’ Rights
  4. ACLU Files Open Records Lawsuits Against Pawtucket and Little Compton School Districts

    March 9, 2012News updateFirst Amendment , Government Transparency, Criminal Justice, Students’ Rights
  5. ACLU Statement In Response To Reports Of Police Actions in Pawtucket

    October 15, 2015News updateFirst Amendment , Criminal Justice, Students’ Rights
  6. ACLU Statement on Detention for Students for Walk-out Over School Practices

    January 9, 2017News updateFirst Amendment , Students’ Rights
  7. Judge Dismisses Charges Against Narragansett Residents Under Unconstitutional Housing Ordinance

    August 16, 2017News updateDue Process, First Amendment , Students’ Rights
  8. ACLU Reminds School Districts of Students’ Rights in Advance of March 14th Student Walkout

    March 7, 2018News updateFirst Amendment , Students’ Rights
  9. ACLU Appeals Ruling in Providence Student Housing Case

    June 14, 2019News updateFirst Amendment , Privacy, Students’ Rights, Racial Justice
  10. Barrington Sues Student for Challenging Unlawful School Suspension; Seeks Award of Fees

    October 31, 2019News updateFirst Amendment , Students’ Rights