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  1. J.Y. v. Providence School Department

    October 17, 2018CaseStudents’ Rights, Disability Rights
  2. Groups Applaud Dept of Ed Guidance on Providing Services to Students with Special Needs

    July 20, 2020News updateDisability Rights, Students’ Rights
  3. CAMPAIGN: The School-to-Prison Pipeline

    January 1, 2020CampaignRacial Justice, Students’ Rights, Criminal Justice, Disability Rights
  4. REPORT: The School-to-Prison Pipeline in Black & White (February 2015)

    February 19, 2015PublicationRacial Justice, Criminal Justice, Students’ Rights, Disability Rights
  5. REPORT: Suspended Education (June 2015)

    June 4, 2015PublicationStudents’ Rights, Disability Rights, Criminal Justice
  6. REPORT: Oversuspended and Underserved: RI's School Suspension Disparities 2014-2015 (November 2015)

    November 11, 2015PublicationStudents’ Rights, Disability Rights, Racial Justice
  7. ACLU and R.I. Legal Services Appeal Decision Undermining Rights of English Language Learners

    April 11, 2019News updateImmigrants’ Rights, Students’ Rights, Racial Justice, Disability Rights