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  1. Settlement Reached in Discrimination Suit Against Newport Grand Casino

    October 2, 2019News updateGender Equality, Workers’ Rights
  2. ACLU Objects to Proposed Limits on Public Comment at Narragansett Town Council Meetings

    October 7, 2019News updateFirst Amendment , Government Transparency
  3. ACLU in Court Thursday, October 10, to Secure Warrant Protections for Private Health Information

    October 9, 2019News updatePrivacy, Disability Rights, Criminal Justice
  4. Lawsuit Over Food Stamp Benefit Delays Caused by UHIP Computer Debacle Finally Ends

    October 17, 2019News updateDue Process
  5. Lawsuit Over Ban on Non-Profit Legal Organizations Assisting Non-Indigent Clients Resolved

    October 22, 2019News updateDue Process, First Amendment , Criminal Justice
  6. Class Action Suit Charges RI Dept of Corrections with “Inhumane” Rights Violations

    October 25, 2019News updateCriminal Justice, Disability Rights, Racial Justice
  7. Barrington Sues Student for Challenging Unlawful School Suspension; Seeks Award of Fees

    October 31, 2019News updateFirst Amendment , Students’ Rights