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  1. U.S. Department of Justice v. Jonas

    May 29, 2019CasePrivacy, Criminal Justice
  2. Davis v. Division of Motor Vehicles

    February 3, 2015CaseDue Process, Privacy
  3. J.A. v. Town of Tiverton

    December 3, 2015CaseDue Process, Privacy, Students’ Rights
  4. R.I. ACLU v. Gifford

    January 29, 2010CasePrivacy, Government Transparency
  5. Becker v. State of Rhode Island

    March 28, 2008CaseDue Process, Privacy
  6. In re: Todd McElroy

    March 28, 2006CasePrivacy, Criminal Justice
  7. Reitsma v. Vinagro

    March 27, 2001CasePrivacy
  8. Theberge v. Rocco

    March 27, 1999CaseCriminal Justice, Privacy, Due Process
  9. Liu v. Striuli

    March 27, 1998CasePrivacy
  10. Ducharme v. State of Rhode Island, Division of State Police

    March 27, 1994CaseCriminal Justice, Privacy