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  1. REPORT: Blacklisted: An Update (March 2014)

    March 10, 2014PublicationStudents’ Rights, Racial Justice
  2. REPORT: The Politics of Division - Carcieri's Record on Civil Liberties in his 2nd Term (Dec 2007)

    December 4, 2007PublicationLGBTQ Rights, Racial Justice, Gender Equality, Immigrants’ Rights
  3. REPORT: Civil Rights & Civil Wrongs in Governor Carcieri's Office (August 2003)

    August 12, 2003PublicationLGBTQ Rights, Gender Equality, Racial Justice, Immigrants’ Rights
  4. REPORT: The Statehouse-to-Prison Pipeline (January 2018)

    January 26, 2018PublicationCriminal Justice, Due Process, Racial Justice
  5. REPORT: Justice De-Investment: The Regrettable Expansion of the Statehouse-To-Prison Pipeline (December 2018)

    December 18, 2018PublicationCriminal Justice, Due Process, Racial Justice
  6. REPORT: The Persistance of Racial Profiling in RI (Nov 2005)

    November 14, 2005PublicationRacial Justice, Government Transparency
  7. REPORT: Racial Profiling in RI: An Update (Aug 2005)

    August 8, 2005PublicationRacial Justice, Government Transparency, Criminal Justice
  8. REPORT: The School-to-Prison Pipeline in Black & White (February 2015)

    February 19, 2015PublicationRacial Justice, Criminal Justice, Students’ Rights, Disability Rights
  9. REPORT: Oversuspended and Underserved: RI's School Suspension Disparities 2014-2015 (November 2015)

    November 11, 2015PublicationStudents’ Rights, Disability Rights, Racial Justice
  10. REPORT: Update - Police Compliance with Web-Posting Provisions of the Racial Profiling Act (Oct 2014)

    September 24, 2014PublicationGovernment Transparency, Criminal Justice, Racial Justice