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  1. REPORT: Blurred Vision (January 2006)

    January 9, 2006PublicationCriminal Justice, Privacy
  2. REPORT: Zooming In on Students (Sept 2020)

    September 21, 2020PublicationStudents’ Rights, Privacy
  3. REPORT: High School Non-Confidential: How Schools May be Peering Into Your Home (June 2017)

    June 1, 2017PublicationStudents’ Rights, Privacy
  4. REPORT: The Legacy of the Indefinite “War on Terror” in RI (Sept 2011)

    September 8, 2011PublicationGovernment Transparency, Privacy, First Amendment , Immigrants’ Rights
  5. REPORT: The Case Against Red Light Cameras (June 2008)

    June 11, 2008PublicationPrivacy, Due Process
  6. LETTER: Re: PVD Student Zoning Ordinance

    September 8, 2015PublicationFirst Amendment , Privacy, Students’ Rights
  7. TESTIMONY: Mitigating the Harm of the NICS Database

    November 4, 2013PublicationPrivacy, Criminal Justice, Disability Rights
  8. TESTIMONY: Ethics Commission Confidentially Regulations

    August 21, 2018PublicationGovernment Transparency, Privacy
  9. LETTER: Re: Wilson Street Encampment Action

    June 17, 2021PublicationEconomic Justice, Due Process, Privacy
  10. LETTER: Re: ALPR Use by Law Enforcement in Cranston, Pawtucket & Woonsocket

    September 7, 2021PublicationPrivacy, Government Transparency, Due Process