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  1. ACLU Challenges Woonsocket Polling Place Relocation

    October 29, 2020News updateVoting Rights, Racial Justice, Economic Justice
  2. RIHAP v. Raimondo

    December 29, 2017CaseCriminal Justice, Disability Rights, Racial Justice, Economic Justice
  3. Gemmell v. RI DHS

    December 8, 2016CaseDue Process, Economic Justice
  4. Monteiro V. City of Cranston

    December 16, 2015CaseFirst Amendment , Disability Rights, Economic Justice
  5. Spruill v. Alexander

    March 28, 2009CaseDue Process, Economic Justice
  6. Doeg v. Ferguson

    March 28, 2001CaseDue Process, Economic Justice
  7. Westenfelder v. Ferguson

    March 28, 1998CaseEconomic Justice
  8. Dickerson v. Vose

    March 28, 1998CaseCriminal Justice, Due Process, Economic Justice
  9. Davis v. Woonsocket Housing Authority

    March 28, 1998CaseEconomic Justice
  10. Malave v. Ferguson

    March 28, 1997CaseEconomic Justice, Due Process