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  1. Voter ID Repeal (S 0343)

    February 28, 2015LegislationVoting Rights
  2. #TBT to: The Birth of Gerrymandering

    March 26, 2015News updateVoting Rights
  3. The Promise of the Voting Rights Act, 50 Years Later

    August 6, 2015News updateVoting Rights
  4. Tune In: The Voting Rights Act & Voter ID

    September 2, 2015News updateVoting Rights
  5. Race In Rhode Island: Bills That Will Make A Difference

    November 2, 2015News updateCriminal Justice, Voting Rights, Gender Equality, Workers’ Rights, Racial Justice
  6. Why the Mattiello-Frias House Race is Different--and it Has Nothing to do With the Candidates

    October 24, 2016News updateVoting Rights
  7. Should Candidates Who Owe Campaign Fines be Barred from the Ballot?

    March 19, 2017News updateVoting Rights
  8. It's not "good government" to keep candidates from running for office.

    March 21, 2017News updateVoting Rights
  9. Reality Check: There is no illegal loophole in RI voting procedures.

    October 27, 2017News updateGovernment Transparency, Voting Rights, Racial Justice
  10. Top Civil Liberties Issues of 2017

    December 28, 2017News updateCriminal Justice, Due Process, Immigrants’ Rights, Government Transparency, Privacy, Students’ Rights, Voting Rights, Workers’ Rights, LGBTQ Rights, Racial Justice, Disability Rights