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  1. ACLU Calls for Stronger Action to Address “Persistent” Providence Police Body Camera Violations

    January 18, 2021News updateCriminal Justice, Government Transparency, Racial Justice
  2. Judge Refuses to Dismiss Lawsuit Challenging Archaic State Law that Deems Inmates Serving Life “Civilly Dead”

    March 29, 2021News updateCriminal Justice, Due Process, First Amendment
  3. Caniglia v. Strom

    January 25, 2021CasePrivacy, Criminal Justice
  4. U.S. Supreme Court Unanimously Protects Privacy in Major "Search and Seizure" Case from Rhode Island

    May 17, 2021News updatePrivacy, Criminal Justice
  5. ACLU Favorably Settles Free Speech Lawsuit Against Johnston Police Department

    June 3, 2021News updateFirst Amendment , Workers’ Rights, Government Transparency, Criminal Justice
  6. Reclassification of Drugs (H 5384)

    March 12, 2021LegislationCriminal Justice
  7. Legalization of Recreational Marijuana (H 6122 - Article 11; S 568, H 6370)

    April 5, 2021LegislationCriminal Justice, Racial Justice
  8. Marijuana Expungement (H 5103 & H 5307)

    March 8, 2021LegislationCriminal Justice
  9. "Porch Pirate" Penalties (H 5390)

    February 26, 2021LegislationCriminal Justice
  10. Bail Reform (H 5291)

    February 16, 2021LegislationCriminal Justice, Economic Justice