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  1. RI Promise Scholarship and Students with Disabilities (H 5605, H 5224A)

    April 8, 2021LegislationDisability Rights
  2. Preservation of Families with Disabilities (H 5394, S 56)

    February 26, 2021LegislationDisability Rights
  3. Groups Applaud CVS for Withdrawing U.S. Supreme Court Petition that Threatened the Rights of Individuals with Disabilities

    November 11, 2021News updateDisability Rights
  4. ACLU Settles Lawsuit Protecting Medical Marijuana Patients from Discrimination

    December 2, 2021News updateWorkers’ Rights, Disability Rights
  5. TESTIMONY Re: School Health Programs & Medication Administration

    November 2, 2021PublicationStudents’ Rights, Privacy, Disability Rights
  6. LETTER Re: Vaccine Passport & Civil Liberties

    December 15, 2021PublicationPrivacy, First Amendment , Disability Rights