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  1. It's been a busy year.

    November 8, 2017News updateImmigrants’ Rights, Government Transparency, Gender Equality, LGBTQ Rights, Racial Justice, Criminal Justice
  2. ACLU Sues Over State Police Abuse of Power

    November 1, 2017News updateDue Process, Government Transparency, Criminal Justice
  3. ACLU Statement on Court’s Appointment of a Special Master to Oversee UHIP

    November 2, 2017News updateGovernment Transparency
  4. ACLU Releases Analysis of Recent Police Shooting; Says Many Questions Remain Unanswered

    November 12, 2017News updateCriminal Justice, Due Process, Racial Justice
  5. Open Government Coalition Calls on East Greenwich Town Council to Cancel Meeting

    November 14, 2017News updateGovernment Transparency
  6. ACLU Re-Staffs Hotline for UHIP-Related Food Stamp Complaints: 1-877-231-7171

    November 16, 2017News update
  7. ACLU Says Latest Figures From State on Providing Food Stamp Benefits are “Jaw-Dropping”

    November 20, 2017News updateDue Process
  8. ACLU Sends Letter to RI Police Chiefs Reminding Them that Ticket Quotas are Against Law

    November 28, 2017News updateDue Process, Criminal Justice