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  1. Open Government Groups Decry State Police Regulations Limiting Access to Public Records

    January 21, 2011News updateGovernment Transparency
  2. ACLU Calls For More Transparency in State Open Records Policies

    March 30, 2011News updateGovernment Transparency
  3. ACLU Criticizes Department of Public Safety Proposal to Further Limit Access to Public Records

    August 9, 2011News updateGovernment Transparency
  4. RI Department of Public Safety Withdraws Challenged Open Records Regulations

    October 20, 2011News updateGovernment Transparency
  5. R.I. ACLU v. Department of Public Safety

    March 27, 2011CaseGovernment Transparency, Criminal Justice
  6. Lavik v. DMV

    October 17, 2011CaseDue Process, Government Transparency
  7. School Committee Meeting Notices (H 5894, Article 12)

    March 7, 2011LegislationGovernment Transparency
  8. Central Falls Receivership (H 5922, S 619)

    March 7, 2011LegislationGovernment Transparency
  9. Open Records (H 5809)

    March 7, 2011LegislationGovernment Transparency
  10. RI ACLU Issues Report Examining Civil Liberties in the State Ten Years After 9/11

    September 8, 2011News updateGovernment Transparency, First Amendment , Privacy, Immigrants’ Rights