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  1. ACLU Represents Same-Sex Couple in Insurance Benefits Case

    January 3, 2005News updateLGBTQ Rights
  2. ACLU Urges Governor Not to Revisit Unconstitutional Roadblocks

    January 5, 2005News updatePrivacy
  3. 10 Commandments Monument Removed From City Park

    January 6, 2005News updateFirst Amendment
  4. Settlement Reached in Racial Profiling Claim Against Scituate Police

    February 3, 2005News updateDue Process, Criminal Justice, Racial Justice
  5. Tiverton Gay Marriage Benefits Case Settled

    February 10, 2005News updateLGBTQ Rights
  6. Latest North Smithfield Discrimination Case Resolved

    February 16, 2005News updateWorkers’ Rights, Gender Equality
  7. ACLU Calls on Attorney General to Withdraw Opinion Allowing Public Meetings by Telephone

    March 8, 2005News updateGovernment Transparency
  8. Under Threat of ACLU Lawsuit, Providence School Reinstates Student

    March 23, 2005News updateFirst Amendment , Students’ Rights, Criminal Justice
  9. Research Shows Racial Profiling Persists in RI Traffic Enforcement; ACLU Plans Response

    March 31, 2005News updateDue Process, Criminal Justice, Racial Justice
  10. Appeals Court Reverses Sanctions Against Attorneys in Cornel Young, Jr. Civil Rights Case

    April 11, 2005News updateDue Process, First Amendment , Racial Justice