ACLU Urges Awareness of Voting Rights Prior to Exeter Recall Election

Posted: Dec, 13, 2013

The ACLU of Rhode Island today urged Exeter voters to know their rights at the polls for Saturday’s election, particularly in regard to the state’s Voter ID law. 

Under the state’s Voter ID law, voters are required to show some form of identification to vote.  Photo ID is not required.  Registered voters who are unable to show identification must still be allowed to vote, and must be offered a provisional ballot at the polling place which will be counted as a full ballot after poll workers verify the signature matches that on a voter registration. 

To help inform voters about the requirements of this law and other election issues, the ACLU has published a free brochure explaining rules and regulations surrounding voting on Election Day, the new voter identification rules, and how to deal with problems at the polls.  That brochure is available on the ACLU’s website.