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Brown University’s Spin Can’t Hide Their Efforts to Kill Important Gender Equity Agreement

Posted: September 04, 2020|Category: Discrimination Category: Gender Discrimination Category: Students' Rights

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In response to our release of documents showing Brown University's disturbing plans to undermine a long-standing Title IX consent agreement requiring gender equity in athletics at the school, the University has claimed that it has never wavered from its commitment to the agreement. Nice try, but we'll let the documents speak for themselves.

Below is a statement from ACLU of Rhode Island cooperating attorney Lynette Labinger in response to the University's comments:

“The emails and conversations among Brown’s leadership are now public and available for anyone to read in their entirety. What they show is undeniable: The Administration at Brown expressed a desire to, in their own words, ‘kill’ the original consent decree, which they characterized as a ‘pestilential thing.’ Those are strong words whose meanings are clear. Asking Brown to keep its promise to women athletes is not accusing Brown of engaging in a  conspiracy, which we never did.  However, we did cite and quote Brown’s senior administrators’ own words as to what they planned to do, which revealed their true attitude about their obligations, in contrast to their public posturing.  In short, the University’s private communications  show a readiness to break that promise of gender equity.”

A court hearing in the case has been scheduled for September 15th.

Background information on the case can be found here.

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