Military Status Housing Discrimination (H 5593, S 0241 A) - Legislation ACLU of Rhode Island is Working On


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Military Status Housing Discrimination (H 5593, S 0241 A)PASSED

Category: 2015  Civil Rights  

In March, following testimony by the ACLU and other advocates, the Senate passed legislation prohibiting housing discrimination on the basis of military status. Rhode Island’s veterans have recently begun reporting facing such discrimination, and current law leaves them with no recourse. The legislation, sponsored by Senator Walter Felag (S 0241A), with a House version by Representative Jan Malik (H 5593), prohibits such discrimination against any servicemember in the Armed Forces or veteran with an honorable or general administrative discharge. In March, the ACLU testified before the House Veterans Affairs committee in support of this legislation; similar legislation passed the House last year but died in the Senate. This year, the legislation was approved by both chambers, and became law.