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Women's Rights

The ACLU has argued more women's rights cases before the United States Supreme Court than any other organization. Despite the great strides that have been made in recent decades, gender discrimination remains a very real concern. This discrimination still takes many forms – glass ceilings in the workplace, differential treatment in health insurance coverage, attempts to limit access to reproductive health care, and so on.

Gender Discrimination

It was not so long ago that the ACLU of Rhode Island had to file a lawsuit to overturn a state law that gave a town a one-time exemption from the Fair Employment Practices Act in order to allow its acquisition of an all-male private fire and rescue service. Until full equality is a reality, the ACLU will continue its advocacy work in support of women’s rights.

“Women’s rights are an essential part of the overall human rights agenda, trained on the equal dignity and ability to live in freedom all people should enjoy.”
– Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court Justice and Founder of the ACLU Women’s Rights Project

Women’s Rights in the News

  • Aug, 20, 2018: ACLU Sues Woonsocket for Retaliating Against Domestic Violence Service Agency
  • Jul, 11, 2018: ACLU Sues Newport Grand Casino for Sex Discrimination
  • Mar, 29, 2018: ACLU Applauds Filing of Formal Regulations to Protect Rights of Trans Students

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Women’s Rights Court Cases

2018: Sojourner House v. Woonsocket
Category: Discrimination    Rights of the Poor    Due Process    Free Speech    Open Government    Women's Rights    

About This Case:
This is a federal lawsuit against the City of Woonsocket for unlawfully withholding grant funds from Sojourner House, a social service agency that helps victims of domestic violence. The lawsuit alleges that the City withheld the funds without cause or due process, and then retaliated against the agency after it petitioned other government agencies for help in resolving the dispute over the funds.

Current Status:
Lawsuit successfully settled in March 2019.

ACLU Cooperating Attorneys:
Matthew T. Oliverio, Stephen M. Prignano

Supporting Documents
2018: Borrelli v. Premier Entertainment II, LLC.
Category: Active Case    Civil Rights    Discrimination    Gender Discrimination    Women's Rights    Workplace Rights    

About This Case:
This is a sex and age discrimination lawsuit against the Newport Grand Casino on behalf of Paula Borrelli, a female employee, who claims that, for a decade, she has been paid significantly less than a younger male employee performing the same duties in the same position.

Current Status:
Lawsuit filed in July 2018.

ACLU Cooperating Attorney:
Lynette Labinger

Supporting Documents

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Women’s Rights Legislation

Reproductive Privacy Act (H 5125 Sub A, S 0152 Sub A) Passed
Category: 2019    Abortion    

As the attitude of the US Supreme Court towards abortion rights becomes murkier, pro-choice organizations, including the ACLU, continue to push for the constitutional protections of Roe v. Wade to be codified into Rhode Island law. The Reproductive Privacy Act, introduced by Representative Anastasia Williams and Senator Gayle Goldin (H 5125 Sub A and S 0152 Sub A), serves to preserve the status quo of abortion healthcare in Rhode Island, and to ensure that the shifting ideology of the Supreme Court does not impede upon a person’s right to choose. The RPA also repeals several state laws on the books which have been found to be unconstitutional, such as a spousal notification requirement. The ACLU testified (read our two pieces of testimony here and here) in support of the critical provisions contained within this bill. We also submitted a detailed memo rebutting the spurious claims of bill opponents that the legislation went beyond the principles of Roe.

Supporters of the RPA celebrated a huge victory when the bill passed the House with no amendments by a vote of 44-30. However, in May, the Senate Judiciary Commitee defeated the bill on a 5-4 vote. The Affiliate also prepared a detailed rebuttal to an alternative proposal offered by Sen. Stephen Archambault, who voted against the bill in committee. In early June, the Senate Judiciary Committee transmitted an amended version of the House bill, H 5125 Sub B, to the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, where it passed out of committee with a vote of 8-2. The bill passed the Senate floor on June 19th with a vote of of 21-17 and was immediately transmitted to the House floor for a vote in concurrence. The bill passed the House by a vote of 45-29 and was signed by the governor later in the evening.