riaclu scavenger hunt for civil liberties 2017


Protecting Civil Liberties in Rhode Island for Over 50 Years



Here are the clues for the ACLU of RI Scavenger Hunt for civil liberties.
For more info and official rules, click here.

1) 81 years before the 13th amendment, lawmakers in this BUILDING passed the first act in the US calling for gradual emancipation. If you’re unsure about this clue, this building was replaced by a NEW one where laws are made today.

2) If the US Supreme Court deals with the US Constitution… Can you find the COURT that deals with the RI Constitution? The Chief Justice of this Court has expressed concern about ICE detentions outside this Court.

3) Today it is all about beads and limbo games, but back in 1976 the ACLU had to defend activists’ 1st and 14th amendment rights to march in this colorful parade. Find the STREET where we celebrate annually.

4) This OFFICE has many functions, one of which oversees the cities and towns adherence to the state’s access to public records and open government laws. Bonus: This elected official has been awarded the Muzzle Award for his work to keep records of the 38 Studios debacle secret.

5) Head to the BUILDING that houses the satellite campus for this University named for the State’s founder and champion of religious freedom.

6) Head to this BUILDING to find the most comprehensive collection of documents dating all the way back to 1638! They are the official custodian and trustee for the state of all public records of permanent, legal, historical, or other value. In this building you can find a copy of the proposed 12 amendments to the US Constitution, dating back to 1789 along with a letter from George Washington to the General Assembly.

7) High stakes testing, summer school high costs, internet filtering. Just some of the issues that the ACLU has dealt with this state AGENCY on.

8) This TRANSPORTATION HUB is welcoming to all… unless you’re homeless or like to smoke.

9) You wouldn’t think there are any privacy issues with the DEPARTMENT in charge of our roads and highways… but you’d be surprised to know that they continuously push to place technology on the road that would allow them to track you during your daily travels. Head to this building! Drive carefully!

10) Snap a photo of the BUILDING where the Independent Man oversees laws being made and where some of our ACLU staff spend six months out of the year fighting for your rights.