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Due Process

The ACLU of Rhode Island fights to ensure that government agencies and municipalities proceed fairly when dealing with citizens in their day-to-day dealings with the bureaucracy and in the court system. Legal rights cannot be vindicated when the government denies or severely limits the rights of individuals to seek relief in the courts, or fails to give them a meaningful opportunity to be heard and contest actions that affect their liberty.

Due Process in the News

  • Dec, 23, 2019: Judge Issues Restraining Order in Food Stamp Notice Lawsuit
  • Dec, 13, 2019: ACLU Files New UHIP-Related Lawsuit
  • Nov, 25, 2019: ACLU Attorneys Intervene in Contempt Case Against RI Department of Corrections

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Due Process Related Court Cases

2019: Correa v. Hawkins
Category: Active Case    Discrimination    Rights of the Poor    Due Process    

About this Case:
This is a class-action lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court, challenging the adequacy of notices sent by RI Department of Human Services (DHS) to some SNAP recipients, demanding that they reimburse the state for benefits overpayments that they purportedly received years earlier.  It is the third lawsuit the ACLU of Rhode Island has filed related to the state’s troubled UHIP computer system.  The other cases are Gemmel v. Affigne and Scherwitz v. Beane.

Current Status:
Filed in December 2019.

Cooperating Attorneys:
Ellen Saideman; Lynette Labinger

Supporting Documents
2019: Barrington School Committee v. Student
Category: Active Case    Due Process    Free Speech    Right to Petition & Protest    Students' Rights    Youth Rights    

About this Case:
This is a lawsuit brought by the Barrington School Committee against the Council on Elementary and Secondary Education (CESE) and a middle school student who successfully challenged his three-day out-of-school suspension - twice.

Current Status:
Lawsuit filed in October 2019.

Aubrey Lombardo

Supporting Documents

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