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I joined the ACLU over twenty years ago because I witnessed the organization’s value, worth, and wisdom while I was working at the State House.  Civil liberties were, and continue to be, pilloried by dangerous legislation considered by the General Assembly.  I have seen firsthand that civil liberties are defended in this state by too few organizations.  The ACLU is willing to stand up for the people who have no support elsewhere, and I value and respect the organization’s experience and dedication in protecting our freedoms.


I can’t choose just one issue or court case that urged me to join.  I am passionate about combating the perennial proposed restrictions on reproductive rights, including on abortion and equal access to contraception.  I am also concerned with the prevalent problem of racial profiling, the dangerous assaults on voting rights, and the issues of religious liberty and the separation of church and state.  The ACLU of Rhode Island also does a great job educating people about their rights, and is an important resource for many people in our state.

The ACLU of Rhode Island is comprised of an amazing group of diverse people who sincerely care about this unique country.  They are working diligently to ensure that all our freedoms and civil rights are accessible to everyone, not just those who share their own views and opinions.  We need the ACLU to monitor those in power and keep safeguards in place.  The ACLU takes their responsibilities very seriously.  Our responsibility as members and donors is to ensure that the ACLU has the resources and support it needs to continue to do its job so well.  I earnestly ask that you become a “card carrying member!”  Your membership dues are a great investment in both our country and our state’s future!

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