SouthCoast Fair Housing v. Saunders - A court case that The ACLU of Rhode Island is currently involved in.


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SouthCoast Fair Housing v. Saunders (2018)

Category: Active Case    Due Process    Free Speech    Right to Petition & Protest    

About This Case:
This is a federal lawsuit on behalf of SouthCoast Fair Housing against the RI Supreme Court over a court rule that is preventing the organization from providing legal help to victims of housing discrimination in RI. As the rule is currently written, non-profit organizations cannot obtain a license to practice law in the state unless they serve only “indigent” clients. This is despite the fact that the Court’s own rules recognize that it is not just the poor, but “sometimes persons who are not poor” who are unable to afford adequate legal assistance.

Current Status:
In October 2019, the RI Supreme Court revised the rule.

ACLU Cooperating Attorneys:
Mark W. Freel and Jeffrey Ankrom

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