In re: 38 Studios Grand Jury - A court case that The ACLU of Rhode Island is currently involved in.


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In re: 38 Studios Grand Jury (2017)

Category: Active Case    Open Government    

About This Case:
This is a "friend of the court" brief in R.I. Supreme Court in support of Governor Gina Raimondo's appeal for the release the grand jury records of the 38 Studios investigation.  The ACLU of RI's brief argues that, while grand jury records should ordinarily be protected from disclosure, the 38 Studios investigation "presents a truly exceptional circumstance that justifies disclosure."

Current Status:
"Friend of the court" brief submitted in May 2018. In February 2020, the R.I. Supreme Court held that the records would be kept secret.

ACLU Cooperating Attorneys:
Jared A. Goldstein, Andrew Horwitz

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