Eil v. DEA - A court case that The ACLU of Rhode Island is currently involved in.


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Eil v. DEA (2015)

Category: Open Government    

About This Case:
This is a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit on behalf of a local journalist, Philip Eil, who for years has been stymied in his effort to obtain access to public evidence from a major prescription drug-dealing trial. The lawsuit, against the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), seeks a court order to release the documents and a declaration that the DEA has wrongfully withheld and redacted documents.

Current Status:
In September 2016, Judge McConnell ruled in Eil's favor and ordered the documents released.  The defendents in the case have appealed.

ACLU Cooperating Attorneys:
Neal McNamara, Jessica Jewell

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